Owl's Head Lighthouse, Owl's Head, ME

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Life

Toy cars. Stacks of playdoh containers. Sheet music. Children's artword. Laundry. A dog crate. Shoes. And mud everywhere. It has been raining alot lately. As I sit among it all, I feel tired, and sad, and happy, and overwhelmed.

These are the bits and pieces of our life. Crazy and packed with "stuff". Do we use it all? Maybe. Yet if I forget the meaning of it, I become overwhelmed. Will I ever climb out from under it all, and be happy to welcome company at any time they drop by? Possibly, but probably not. Not enough to meet my perfectionistic ideals.

Maybe, once again, I am looking at it all wrong. Bits and pieces of our life. Little vignettes of childhood. Of family. Clutter that I would not have if it were not for these beautiful little people given to us by our Creator.

Some of my most special memories are those made at my Gram Ruth's home with the most amazing layers of "clutter" accumulated over decades. Yet there we were never happier or felt more loved. As children, we amused ourselves for hours at a time, sorting through "treasures" of decades past. Among the dust and debris, I learned to value the past. Each treasure brought with it glimpses of another life. Every broken toy, tattered book or ancient picture opened my eyes to a world that I wanted to share in. Bits and pieces of history---my history.

While others my age were turned off to the older generation, I was drawn to them, as oracles of the past. Each gray hair and wrinkled feature, spoke to me of a life story, yet untold. How I wish I could know and share with you each of those stories. Many were lost behind glassy eyes and vacant memories. At times I wept, knowing that another "past" was lost to us.

I am thrilled to know that another of my grandmothers, who also values the past, is even now writing the history of our family. She does it for me, for my children and grandchildren. The day that I can read that story to my children will be a wonderful time. They too can connect with their past.

So as I sit among my clutter of today, I wonder if someday it will be the clutter of the past. If anyone will wonder who it was that saved each little piece. Instead of the past, I have my present, filled with chaos and clutter and love. Bits and pieces of a life that is imperfect, but that is full. Why not offer the opportunity to others to enter our cluttered world of love. Maybe we can offer something special to someone else.

Thank-you, Lord, for the clutter of my life. May I see each stack as a beautiful snap-shot of Your love and bountiful blessings. Help me to get rid of that which hinders, but to realize that clutter comes with life. You have given me so much. Help me live in today, clutter and all, so that my children will have memories tomorrow. Help us to share our home and our memories with those around us.


  1. Love it...Love it! Some how after years apart, and thousands of miles away from each other you capture just what I'm thinking, just what I'm going through....feeling so much the same as the way you are. Love you, Tammy Lynn! You are one of my precious treasures of memories gone by and I only hope that the Lord gives us some more time together in the future so we can make some more=)

  2. Tammy, we just visited your blog for the first time. Great job and enjoyed reading it immensely. Dave & Joy