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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Promise Series by Dr. Robert Wetmore

While I have no intention of going into full time book review, on occasion a book may catch my attention enough to want to share it with you. That is the case today.

This spring I was introduced to a wonderful series of books called "The Promise Series". They are written by a man named, Dr. Robert Wetmore. I have had the privilege of meeting his sister, Carol Robb, who introduced me to his writing.

Dr. Wetmore was a professor at Toccoa Falls College when he wrote the first book, The Two Trees in 2005, and as far as I know, continues there today. Formerly a self-professed atheist, he presents the story in a way that will appeal to saved and unsaved alike.

He very clearly states that it is fiction, and wants there to be no confusion in that regard. It is Biblically based though, and shows what may have happened from the dawn of Creation.

The reality of sin and it's affect on each one of us is startling brought forth. From God's Promise of a Redeemer in the Garden of Eden, Dr. Wetmore continues the story of men. The Bible is one story, not many. I don't think that I ever truely understood that until reading these books.

I feel so strongly about this that I felt I needed to share it. With my own children I am memorizing the first three chapters of Genesis. I want them to realize that the Gospel did not start with Jesus in a manger or on the cross. It is a much deeper and longer story than that.

If you have an opportunity to read any of the Promise Series, I would encourage you to do so. As long as you read it, not as a history, "but as an illustration." (Wetmore, The Two Trees Intro)

I am anxiously awaiting the fourth book of the series, that I am told will be about Abraham. Thanks for visiting, and if anyone else has read this series, I would love to hear your comments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti21mf5bI4I

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  1. Dr. Wetmore left TFC a few years ago and moved to Pakistan where he teaches. He was my mentor while at TFC. He is without question the most humble man I have ever known.

  2. after being expelled from TFC in 1998, Dr. wetmore was the only person at the whole school who continued to show me Christian love. He visited me in jail and loved on me when I was pretty unlovable. He demomstrates what is truly is to live in chrisy.