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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The cat sits in the sunbeam. The dog naps on the couch. The kids are done with the majority of their schoolwork for the day, and they are enjoying a bit of free time. My back aches and there are still so many things that I need to accomplish for the day, but I am feeling blessed.

Many days are lacking this moment of quiet, but today I soak it in much as my cat does the sunbeam.

Mothering, and certainly homeschooling, are not for the faint of heart. But many times I feel just exactly that....faint of heart. In spite of this, blessings always abound. That really does not change just because I feel blessed, or I don't.

For now, though, I am so encouraged when the Lord opens up doors for me to be an encouragement to someone else. I am unworthy, yet, He allows me to work for Him and that honor cannot be seen as anything less than a blessing.

Each day we have choices that will result in either furthering the work of Satan or furthering the work of Christ. Each time that I come to that crossroads, and it is often, may I choose to work in the path prepared by my Lord......drawing others into and encouraging them along this narrow path.

Each opportunity makes the sore back and aching feet worth it. What a glorious blessing if I am allowed to give up my own plans, my own comfort, for Him.

Take me now, Lord Jesus take me;
I would give my heart to Thee.
Thy devoted servant make me,
Only Thine to be.

Use me now, Lord Jesus, use me,
As I tell of Calvary.
May Thy Spirit move within me,
Bringing souls to Thee.

Send me now, Lord Jesus, send me,
Lead me in the perfect way.
Thy command shall always guide me;
Gladly I obey.

Savior, while my heart is tender,
I would give Thee ev'ry part.
All my talents I surrender;
I am Thine, Lord, here's my heart.

Ron Hamilton


  1. God is so good, Tammy! I can honestly say that He is and that is why we can trust im! Ps 100:5--read this passage many times and really rested in it this week. I really like your post and the song you quoted. What a life we do have with all the young ones we so want to serve Him some day. How we don't want Satan to capture them and how we just need not e complacent ourslves.

    A quote I came across this week...."While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequenses of our actions."

    God is good all the time no matter what comes our way!

    I like this blog thing and I like yur music... I will need to check this out for myself!

  2. "In spite of this, blessings always abound. That really does not change just because I feel blessed, or I don't."

    Amen!! You are so right. I can't count how many times I have allowed my feelings to take over and push me off the path. Eventually I am wallowing in me and forgetting about the Lord and the many blessings he has given to me and my family. Of course this hinders me from encouraging anyone.

    Thank you for sharing today!