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My life revolves around four complicated and special children, a husband who is as much of a people person as I am not, and way too many pets.  Chronic illness, homeschooling, home management and just trying to figure out how to love each other well, keeps me occupied hour by hour.  I am burdened to share the truth of God's Word and show examples of His grace in my own daily life. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Least Of These

Finally! A moment of quiet to collect my thoughts, or at least any I can still find to round up. The children are enjoying the evening of sunshine after supper. And here I sit with nothing more on my mind than breathing, and just......being.

With two additional elementary age children this week, we are running (and I mean running), at a faster pace than my nature usually takes us. Three boys. Three girls. All are wonderful children, but I am tired. How can six children eat this much? Can hardly wait for the teenage years. My lack of flexibility mentioned previously is being noticed on a grander scale. If you want the Lord to test you in a certain area, then just blog about it!

Continuing to lead my children through school while entertaining company is interesting, but doable. We are just including them in everthing. Even our study of ancient history! And I have to say, for the most part, they are doing fine. Children ready to give an answer to the Bible questions that arise, or make a list of all the different species of wildlife we see on our excursions. Alright, language lessons become a little more challenging, but I have this week and next to figure out how to make that more interactive.

Once again I have to struggle to not feel overwhelmed with the changes in my routine. I guess that struggle will be a life-long companion. Half-way through the week, with my husband half-way across the country, I wonder if I can maintain the momemtum.

I have asked the Lord to show me ways I can be used, however small. If being available to families who need help with their children is what He has for me, then I am greatful to be used. Frequently, I need to remind myself of why I am doing what I do. The long-range goal often becomes hazy. Couldn't I be used better as a nurse, or missionary, or.......? So often almost anything seems more important than folding one more load of laundry or fixing one more snack (or six).

As I usher our extras out the door into the waiting car, another waits in the wings. As I turn, he tells me of his grandfather's death this week. "Can he come to supper, Mommy?" my seven year old asks. I am not sure that despair does not cloud my vision for a moment, but I say, "Would you like to come in, D----?" "Sure", he replies. After visiting for awhile he says he is going home, but will come back when we are finished with supper. As I call the children to the table, the back door opens. D---- is back with his plate and his cup. "My Mom says she doesn't care if I come eat with ya'll. She's just watching her TV shows."

Flexibility. There it is again. "Have a potato, D---. We have plenty." Daddy may be away, but all six places are filled at our supper table. The kids all eye the cookies on the counter. This is our life. We are blessed to have opportunities to serve, to share.

"As much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me."

Was that verse written for me, and for those like me? While we long to serve our Lord, we feel hampered by our "responsibilities"-----then the back door opens, and the Lord usshers in our ministry.

"Welcome to our home. Make yourself comfortable."

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