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My life revolves around four complicated and special children, a husband who is as much of a people person as I am not, and way too many pets.  Chronic illness, homeschooling, home management and just trying to figure out how to love each other well, keeps me occupied hour by hour.  I am burdened to share the truth of God's Word and show examples of His grace in my own daily life. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today we saw rainbows.

For weeks, the rain has poured down over middle Tennessee. In the first two days of May, we had already broken the rainfall records for the month. Dark days seemed to be holding a parade, with only occasional breaks for sunshine. Never really drying out though.

Weekends have been spent indoors, and antsy children have been driving mothers crazy everywhere. When the suns dares to show its face, those children beeline for the outside, only to return, trailing rivers of mud. Then you wait. Wait for the floor to dry enough to vacuum. Wait for the clothes and boots to dry, to play some more. And wait for another sunny patch to come.

Today, it was beautiful. The sky was blue. The clouds were huge and puffy. And while it was hot, you could enjoy a breeze under the branches of the trees. Still having Daddy home for part of the day, our family was enjoying the weather close to home.

While parents were soaking in the quiet of the house, our children began shrieking in delight. "Mommy! Daddy! MOMMY! DADDY! It's a sun shower!!" Our youngest came dancing and twirling into the room with hair hanging wet around her face. A beautiful smile of simple pleasure on her freckled, pixie features. The rest soon followed.

"There are TWO rainbows," they exclaimed, "and it looks like one of them ends in the field.?" The question hung at the end, without being asked. "Go find your pot of gold!" said Daddy. And then they were gone.

Following more slowly, we stood behind our house, amazed at the blue sky and sunshine, as the rain continued to pour down. Four heads bobbed across the field. All running to look for whatever their individual pots of gold would look like.

There were TWO rainbows. One over the other. And somehow in the rain and through the sun, everything looked as it might look if you were to view it through a crystal. The air was still, but the world around looked as if it had just been gifted. Jewels hung on every flower, every leaf. It made one feel as they must have felt after being visited by Father Christmas in the classic C. S. Lewis tale. We simply soaked it in.

So many times in life, I have nearly given up hope. Perhaps seeing my life along the lines of so many classic stories----filled with adversity and then ending in happiness, and dare I say, bliss? The reality that life does not necessarily follow the script, was a terrible realization to this romantic mind.

As time goes on, I am realizing something that I never did before. God has given us a life, only one. And in that life, He has sprinkled the good in amongst the bad. Yes, the trials come. Some to test us and some due to our own poor planning. Some that we feel like we will not survive.

Like a white picture on a background of black, the beauty and goodness stands out. We see it and we enjoy it, because of what trials we have gone through. Can we appreciate fully one without the other? I don't think so.

As my children run and dance through crystal fields, I am thankful. Thankful to our Great, Gift-Giver for allowing me to see and appreciate these moments. Thankful that my children are able to dance through the sunshine and the rain. Thankful that I hold the hand of the man I love more than anyone else in the world--my best friend. Yes, thankful that......

Today we saw rainbows.

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